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Get the right gutters for your home

There is a difference between Leaf X gutter guards and other company's products. Our licensed installers will help you find the right guards for your home. Contact our office to get a FREE estimate on your next gutter cover installation!

  • Heavy gauge aluminum

  • No screws or nails during installation

  • Clog-free

  • High rain threshold

  • Color matching and appearance

  • Licensed installation

  • Panels can be easily replaced

Why choose Leaf X?

  • Under shingle installation will not void shingle warranty (installs at drip edge) (Helmet style cut the tar seals on the 2nd shingle up and screw, nail and glue into roof shingles.

  • Lowest profile allows for better aesthetics and cleaner looking roofline. (1" profile compared to as much as an 8" profile with other gutter guards)

  • Protected rain channel has guards to keep out birds and leaves that blow in the wind. (Others are open the entire length of the gutter.)

  • Patented "Ported U-Channel" works as pre-drain, backflow, preventer, and allows for custom install on the steepest of roofs.

  • Ribbed top panel slows and spreads water for better adhesion and efficiency. Helps with ice release also.

  • Rolled back-edge prevents scoring of underside of shingles! This can result in weak, cracking, and broken shingles that leak water.

  • Drip-edge style install helps protect against fascia rot, water damage to roof decking, and supports shingle edges keeping them from curling and cracking

Leaf X F.A.B. sheet

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